We believe the only head of the Church is Jesus Christ. He functionally rules in the affairs of His Church by His Word and through His Spirit. Because of this, Jesus Christ is the Chief Shepherd of Harvest Bible Church. We believe that the Scriptures indicate that the local Church is to be governed by a plurality of elders who serve under the authority of Jesus.

"And he [Jesus] is the head of the body, the church. He is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead, that in everything he might be preeminent."
Colossians 1:18


We have an interim accountability and leadership team called a TRIAD, and they serve Harvest Bible Church by providing financial, spiritual, theological, and relational oversight for our Lead Pastor. This TRIAD is comprised of qualified leaders who are pastors within Converge (our church planting network) as well as the Lead Pastor of Harvest Bible Church.

Nathan Meyers

Lead Pastor / TRIAD Member

Chris Highfill

TRIAD Member

Daniel Warren

TRIAD Member

Nicole Kamm

Administrative Assistant

Seth Iken



Nathan Meyers - Lead Pastor / TRIAD Member

Nathan grew up in Northeast Missouri, where he was blessed to be brought up in a Christian home. He is the youngest of five children, with three sisters and one brother. His whole family grew up loving sports, and they were involved in multiple sports throughout their time at school. After struggling for years with doubt, Nathan trusted in Christ at the age of 13 in 2003. Nathan surrendered to full-time ministry in the summer of 2011. Nathan married Brianna in June 2013. They have three children named Levi, Bethany, and Brooke. Since surrendering to full-time ministry in 2011, he and his family have served and helped with youth/children ministries in the local church. In October 2020, Converge approved and recommended The Meyers’ moving forward with planting a church in the Hannibal area. Nathan completed a year-long residency with Grace River Church in St. Peters, MO and then moved to the Hannibal area in July 2022. Nathan still enjoys being involved with sports as a way to connect with others. He enjoys coaching basketball and loves spending time outdoors with his family. 

Chris Highfill - TRIAD Member

Chris Highfill is a graduate of Southwest Baptist University with a degree in church ministries. Prior to church planting, Chris worked in youth ministry for 14 years; 13 of those at the same church.

Chris and his wife Sarah planted Grace River Church in 2015 with coaching from Converge they were able to launch large and have seen the church grow from a small gathering in their living room to 400 every weekend. He is also the Regional Director of Church Planting for Converge Midamerica.

Daniel Warren - TRIAD Member

He is the Singles’ Paster at Trinity Baptist Church in Jacksonville, FL.  He and his wife Melissa have been married since 1993 and they have four children.  After teaching high school performing arts, history, and Bible for 6 years, God led me into full-time ministry in 2000.  After serving as the Middle School pastor for 7 years at Trinity Baptist Church, he began working with singles in 2007 at Trinity Baptist Church.

He is currently working to finish his M.Div. at Liberty University.

Nicole Kamm - Administrative Assistant

Nicole Kamm grew up in Liberty, Illinois. She was a 6th generation member of Liberty Christian Church. Nicole served in various areas of the church including music, teaching and was the church treasurer for a time. She and her family currently attend Madison Park Christian Church in Quincy, Illinois. They are also involved with FNC Academy in Uganda, Africa.

Nicole and her husband, Eddie, have been married for 23 years. Their oldest daughter, Kylie Harris, was married this June to Henry Harris. They have another daughter, Katie, who will be a junior at Palmyra High School this fall.

Seth Iken - Intern

Seth grew up in different parts of Colorado and Wyoming, where he was raised in a Christian home. He is the second oldest of four children, with two sisters and one brother. His family loved sports, and especially loved going to Colorado Rockies baseball games. Seth’s love for sports was part of what brought him to Hannibal to play baseball at Hannibal-LaGrange University. Seth is a senior, majoring in Business Entrepreneurship.

Seth gave his life to Christ in his parents bedroom at the age of 8 in 2010. Since then, Seth has been a part of several church plants in Colorado, Wyoming, and now Hannibal. Seth serves on the worship team at Harvest, and he also serves as a drummer for the HLGU chapel band.

Seth enjoys disc golfing, watching movies, and spending time in nature with friends and family.